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Not a collection.
A universe.

Humankind is an art project by Pablo Stanley and team, who seek to create relatable characters and epic stories that help us reconnect with our inner kid.

Enter the world of well-meaning monsters and friends who always find a way. There are creatures with devious plans, lost souls in the Forest of Tenoch, our heroes Maya and Dallas investigating a mystery in the Tombs of Titans, and many more.

Humankind Collectibles

Humankind launched a set of diverse and unique art collectibles featuring the Humankind species, the most prevalent in The Land of Kinds. Other collectibles will come in the future for collectors.
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Join Maya, Dallas, and friends in their adventures in the Land of the Kinds as they fight the evil forces that are taking over the world.


Maya is a free spirit with an optimistic approach to life—outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. Being full of charm and energy, she naturally became the leader of her small group. Her enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious which motivate and inspire them to search for new adventures.

Maya profoundly cares about the many creatures she finds on her journey. This generosity leads the crew to go on many escapades to help others. She has also built a community in Avocado Hill that welcomes the many Kinds without judgment.

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Dallas is a unique monster who’s been Maya’s best friend since they were small kids. He’s warm-hearted and compassionate and always thinks about his friends before himself.

While capable of using his incredible destructive skills and being equipped with pretty powerful weapons, Dallas would never want to harm anyone or any living thing unless it’s to protect someone. He’s peaceful at heart.

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Meet the engineer of the group. They excel at analyzing situations to reach the root of the problem and quickly develop a practical solution. Skipper is often insightful about the world around them and can find humor in it—usually sarcastic.

Skipper's methods sometimes seem bizarre and random for the rest of the team, but they come from all the technical mastery learned over time and usually help everyone get out of trouble. It can be making an upgrade to Dallas’s arm, devising a way to cross Death River, or hacking a puzzle in a dungeon.

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Ankka the Hunter

Ankka is the most no-nonsense and serious of the group. She takes pride in her integrity, and when committing to doing something, she makes sure to follow through.

She’s strong-willed and loves planning everything. Before going on any feat, she asks everyone to be calm and responsible and devise a strategy before walking into danger. But, when the time comes, she won’t hesitate to use her many abilities and weapons, including her Super Duper Vaccum 3000. Ankka is always ready for battle!

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