HUMANKIND collectibles

Time for an adventure.

After a long time of doodling we're launching our first collection.

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A black and white drawing of a boy wearing a helmet.
A black and white photo of a line of different shapes.
A black and white drawing of a suitcase.

Every adventure starts with a healthy meal 🖤.

First, you need to get a lunchbox that will serve to wake up your Humankind. You can only start the adventure as soon as your Kind is well-nourished!

Yum! Feed your kind!

Since your Kind will take the lunchbox with them, you will have to do an exchange. Soon we will announce more details of this.

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Humankind Collectibles

We're launching a set of diverse and unique art collectibles featuring the Humankind species, the most prevalent in The Land of Kinds.

Through ownership, these art pieces will unlock exclusive access to the Humankind world and support the HK Studios. Collectors will participate in the ongoing creation of the world, get sneak peeks, access to the latest products, merchandise, and additional benefits, including dibs on future projects like Creaturekind, Spiritkind, and Monsterkind.
Community Pass
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Staking Mechanism
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We know you have a lot of questions. In the upcoming days, we'll provide more information on allowlists, participating communities, and technical stuff.

To stay informed, be sure to follow us and join our Discord server.

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