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Celebrating 5,000 Humankinds created
Celebrating 5,000 Humankinds created
Celebrating 5,000 Humankinds created
Celebrating 5,000 Humankinds created
Celebrating 5,000 Humankinds created
Celebrating 5,000 Humankinds created
Celebrating 5,000 Humankinds created
Human TextA black and white drawing of a group of cartoon characters.

Creating a magical world for the kid in all of us.

A black and white drawing of a tv screen.

Wrestle. Wrestle. Wrestle!

Step into the arena with Wrestle, the latest game feature in Herokind. Pit your Humankind characters against a diverse array of monsters, from the ferocious Alligatornado to the cunning Nerdy Dragon. Strategize your moves and watch your characters grow in this turn-based adventure.

A black and white drawing of a cartoon character.

Get your dancing shoes on. We’re celebrating!

Celebrate our 5,000 lunchbox milestone with a Humankind makeover! Connect your digital wallet and use a simple text prompt to refresh your collectibles—a spa day for your art, minus cucumbers.

A black and white drawing of a man standing on top of a mountain.

Play Herokind!

Herokind is a unique game made just for Humankind NFT collectors. It combines the fun of collectibles with the anticipation of daily adventure events.

Send your Humankind collectibles to places like Tenotch Forest, Skull Volcano, and Cloud Island, where the environment and events are unpredictable and can change at any time.

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A black and white drawing of a man playing a guitar.

Bring your ideas to life with the Humankind Fund

The Humankind Fund is a community-driven initiative that supports and empowers projects that share the values and mission of the Humankind brand. Join us in bringing creative ideas to life and making a positive impact on the world.

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A black and white drawing of a suitcase.

Grab your lunchbox. It will be a long journey.

We are delighted you’re finally joining our adventure alongside Maya and Dallas. It all starts with a simple and nostalgic object: a lunchbox. A lunchbox? What for? Well, it’s gonna be a long journey!

Every lunchbox will unlock a Humankind on a brave quest. You’ll be able to claim your Kind with them. We’ve made our generative lunchboxes with art we’ve been creating for the last year.

Humankind Collectibles

Back in 2022, we launched a set of diverse and unique art collectibles featuring the Humankind species, the most prevalent in The Land of Kinds.

Art and kindness are our tools of trade

Humankind is a creative force developing relatable characters and epic stories for a global audience across various formats powered by decentralization.

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Designing a universe

We’re building the Humankind brand, its world, stories, and characters. Our goal is to capture the hearts and minds of kids and adults worldwide with epic creations, a unique vision, and community-driven storytelling.

Discover the Art

Building together

Our mission is to entertain and inspire people all over the globe through the power of art, kindness, and unique storytelling in web3.

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Illustration of small girl & big girl with swords

Join our adventure

Despite the many evil forces in the world, there is hope. We can still make a positive difference through art and community. We’re looking for other geeks, punks, and freaks like us who believe in the power of storytelling to be a part of our quest.
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