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Genesis Open Round: Proliferating Humankind's Brand

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What is the Humankind Fund?

The Humankind Fund is a community-driven funding platform that empowers and supports projects that align with the values and mission of the Humankind brand.

Our aim is to provide the resources and support to builders, artists, and individuals who are passionate about creating positive change in the world through their work.

How it works

The fund mechanics will be powered by Prop House from Nouns DAO.

  1. Join a Funding Round
    A round is launched by the team, the round has a set amount of capital to be won and a defined proposal and voting period.
  2. Submit Your Proposal
    Proposal time begins, submit your ideas and get the chance to receive funding.
  3. Community Voting
    Voting period starts, Humankind and Lunchbox token holders vote on their favorite proposals.
  4. Funded and Ready to Go
    Voting period ends, the top proposals win and receive funding to bring their ideas to life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower communities to bring their ideas to life and make a positive impact on the world. We support initiatives and projects that align with the values of the Humankind brand, including promoting local art and culture, eco-friendly solutions, green spaces, and technology for good.
Proliferation of the HK Brand
Local Art Initiatives
Eco-Friendly Solutions
Community Health & Wellness
Technology for Good
Arts & Culture
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We know you have a lot of questions. In the upcoming days, we'll provide more information on allowlists, participating communities, and technical stuff.

To stay informed, be sure to follow us and join our Discord server.

Wait... what?

So... what is the Humankind Fund?

The Humankind Fund is a platform powered by the HK community using Prop House that funds projects that align with the values and mission of the Humankind brand, aimed at empowering and supporting creators.

How do you ensure project execution?

Although there's no foolproof method to guarantee project completion, we trust that the Humankind community will conduct thorough research and due diligence during the voting process. With over a year of experience, Prop House has observed a high success rate for proposals and a small number of failures

How long are funding rounds?

Length of funding rounds (proposing and voting periods) are determined by each campaign. The most common periods are 7 days for proposing and 5 days for voting.

Who can submit a proposal to funding round?

Anyone with an Ethereum address can submit a proposal to any funding round.

What's the budget for each funding round?

Each funding round will have a limited budget of 1-2 ETH to support multiple projects and keep our treasury sustainable. We believe in fostering creativity through being scrappy."

Who votes?

Token holders of the Humankind Lunchboxes, HK Collectibles, and DOASMIAP can vote. Each token equals one vote.

Do the projects need to be about Humankind?

Not necessarily. Makers can submit proposals for any idea they have, as long as they follow the guidelines. However, proposals that align with and amplify the Humankind brand are more likely to receive support from the community.

What happens if my proposal is chosen?Congratulations! If your proposal is selected as a winner, you'll receive the allocated funding from the HK Treasury. You'll then be expected to bring your idea to life. Don't hesitate to reach out to the community for support and keep them updated on your progress—let's make the Humankind community proud!

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