Community Manager

You’re the glue that connects people and art. As a Community Manager, you’ll set and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies. And you’ll be in steady contact with people on Discord, our mods, and other community leads.


  • Assist in designing and delivering the Humankind community strategy.
  • Monitoring the community and responding to questions and concerns either directly or with the help of moderators.
  • Lead community programming and build out a calendar of tailored content, live experiences, AMAs, voice chats, town halls, community meetups, and peer-to-peer virtual events
  • Handling the day-to-day schedule of the community.
  • Work as a team with the marketing and partnerships team to involve the community in every aspect of our communications.
  • Gather insights from community interactions, and bring up critical issues, new ideas, and business proposals to the team. Be an advocate for the Humankind audience to ensure we know what is happening with our community and are finding solutions to their needs and problems.
  • Manage and operate Discord bots and automated features that make sense for the community to improve members' overall experience.
  • STRETCH GOAL: Identifying, pitching, and closing partnerships with brands, communities, companies, or creators. While also keeping a great ongoing relationship with current partners.


  • Experience managing and hiring mods and community building, including Discord
  • Familiarity with server and community management specific to Discord.
  • Demonstrated experience and a passion for art, DAO, NFT, or tokenized community management.
  • Experience with Web3 principles, including DAOs, tokenomics, and NFTs.
  • Experience with event management, Twitter Spaces, and fusing virtual experiences with in-person events.
  • An ability to consistently keep a brand voice with professionalism across different platforms.
  • Ability to lead with a level head and manage damage control in high-pressure situations and an ever-changing environment
  • Ability to apply clever and creative ways to spark conversation and community engagement.
  • Able to use judgment and experience to know when to escalate concerns or issues versus addressing them immediately, with a bias for action.
  • Extremely organized, responsive, responsible, and accountable.
  • You make things happen.


We're a small team with a global mission.

Our goal is to entertain and inspire people around the globe through the power of art, kindness, and unique storytelling. We are a group of experienced builders and artists who believe in the power of imagination and collaboration.

Our audience is so passionate they have been fighting to get into our tight community. There has never been a better time to work in the evolving world of IP and NFTs.

How we work

At Humankind, we believe in a culture of freedom and responsibility, allowing serendipity to guide us. It might look like chaos for an outsider, but it's a shared consciousness.

We believe that freedom and autonomy feed motivation, so we all have the authority to organize around projects and seize the opportunity while accelerating our personal growth. The idea is to maintain relationships across a network without a central command. That means that people can hold multiple roles in numerous projects.

We’re decentralized but coherent and with a clear goal.