Marketing Lead

As Marketing Lead, you will be responsible for communicating the Humankind story, building marketing initiatives, and launching campaigns through different mediums to develop our brand and connect with our community.


  • Develop messaging, positioning, segmentation, content, pricing & packaging, and go-to-market plans for our feature and product launches.
  • Have a deep understanding of web3 and consumer behavior to drive marketing initiatives that are creative and forward-thinking.
  • Develop content for external marketing channels (blog posts, e-books, presentations, 1-pagers, thought leadership) and GTM team enablement (outbound plays, battle cards, pitch decks, webpages, call scripts, email templates.)
  • Be a storyteller, have deep empathy for the community, and adapt how you communicate to best reach and engage our audience.
  • Build connections with the Humankind and web3 community through platforms like Twitter, Discord, Tik Tok, and traditional media.
  • Work closely with other teams—art, product, community—to develop and execute a marketing strategy.


  • Experience producing compelling marketing launches.
  • A passion for Web3 culture, memes, art, and DApps like NFT marketplaces, DeFI, and gaming.
  • Bias for action and ability to execute quickly, juggling multiple deliverables.
  • Ability to handle multi-channel campaigns with experience in marketing funnels and how different channels drive impact.
  • A love for messaging, positioning, monetization, and content development
  • Experience developing and driving marketing strategies at a creative studio, agency, or consumer brand.
  • A "make it happen" mindset.


We're a small team with a global mission.

Our goal is to entertain and inspire people around the globe through the power of art, kindness, and unique storytelling. We are a group of experienced builders and artists who believe in the power of imagination and collaboration.

Our audience is so passionate they have been fighting to get into our tight community. There has never been a better time to work in the evolving world of IP and NFTs.

How we work

At Humankind, we believe in a culture of freedom and responsibility, allowing serendipity to guide us. It might look like chaos for an outsider, but it's a shared consciousness.

We believe that freedom and autonomy feed motivation, so we all have the authority to organize around projects and seize the opportunity while accelerating our personal growth. The idea is to maintain relationships across a network without a central command. That means that people can hold multiple roles in numerous projects.

We’re decentralized but coherent and with a clear goal.